Real Life EP

by Jet Tangerine

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Paul Walsh
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Paul Walsh Been subscribed on youtube for a since near the beginning of the channel. Shouldv'e bought this a long time ago. It's extremely worth it. Favorite track: Home.
Robbie Goddard
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Robbie Goddard Jet always touches my heart when i watch and hear her sing :) Favorite track: Home.
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Introducing the Real Life EP! Here are 3 very different songs to give you just a teaser of the stuff that is the come! Thank you so much for buying this EP and supporting my dream of making music. I can't wait to release a full length album for you! Love, love, love!


released February 14, 2013

Thanks to Justin Brown and Vogville Recording. Thanks to Corey and Colin for being bro's. Thanks to Jeff Dunthorne for making my artwork look totally boss. Thanks to my Matt for driving me around, bringing me tea and always having a spare guitar pick for when I forgot mine. Thanks to Rachel, Miranda, Ken, and my mom for coming to my shows, promoting my music and always believing in me. Thank you to the fans who donated to my Rocket Hub account to help me release this EP and thank YOU for buying it!!

-Jet Tangerine



all rights reserved


Jet Tangerine Vancouver, British Columbia

I am Jet! I am from the city of Vancouver in British Columbia where I am trying to become a local popstar! Wanna help me out with that? OH THANK YOU!

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Track Name: Our Chance
We meet someone new
every day every day
and I remember meeting you
you looking at me that way

and I can see everything
like it's happening
it's happening
you took my hand
and you told me that
this is our chance

to make out in the rain
to laugh
to play a co-op game
to watch the sun go down at night
to skinny dip
to hold on tight
to let ourselves lose track of time
to finally have a valentine
this is what we've been dreaming of
it's our chance to fall in love

we feel different things
every day every day
and your touch is all i want to feel
it's all i need
all the way

and I can feel everything
like it's happening
it's happening
you took my hand
and you told me that
this is our chance

do you know how lucky we are
to have found each other
there's so many different roads to choose
and I'm so happy that I'm traveling with you
Track Name: Home
you you so far away
never coming home
you say you wanna stay
me looking for a place
a place to call my own
don't wanna be alone
you always been so brave
travel all the world
just another day
me always been afraid
afraid of getting lost
lost along the way

and I know
there's nothing wrong with needing someone
I hope you know
there's nothing wrong with wanting to come
come back home
come back home

you once step at a time
never in a rush
you're gonna be fine
me stuck in panic mode
wasting all my time
don't wanna be old
you always plan ahead
saving what you make
stick to what you said
me living on a dream
my mind will always change
never stay the same

you looking up to me
I'm looking up to you
it doesn't really matter what we do
I'll always be around
if you feel alone
'cause everybody needs a home
Track Name: Real Life
It's a new day
It's a new home
and I am in a place that I have never felt before
and my mother's not doing well
not getting any better
I guess only time will tell

and our new house
seems haunted
I hear spirits sneaking all around me
are they here to help
make things right again
why am I the only one who can see them

It's a smile in the sky
it's the wind that blows by
in my past
in my dreams
in real life

It found me
brought me home
made the seeds I planted grow
in my past
in my dreams
in real life

I've been up all night
at least I think I have
I know I left the house
I don't know if my body did
and I saw everything
I went everywhere
and you can yell all you want
when you're up in the air

Is this in my head
because it feels so real
like a memory that hasn't even happened yet
at that bus stop
on a rainy night
I know I'm okay
I know I'm gonna be alright